Dr Pavlos Neophytou's Publications

A. DNA and Protein sequences deposited in EBML/GENBANK/DDBJ databases

1-19              First author of 19 novel mouse pancreatic islet beta-cell partial cDNA sequences: accession numbers Z47768-Z47786.

20-37          Co-author of 8 mouse full-length cDNA sequences: accession numbers NM_178395, NM_017368, NM_198683, NM_020560, NM_026582, NM_011857, NM_001145937, Z46966 and 10 mouse protein sequences: accession numbers NP_848482, NP_059064, NP_941955, Q92665, Q61733, NP_065585, NP_080858, NP_035987, NP_001139409, CAA87087.

                38          Co-author of 1 human protein sequence:        

                polycystin 1 (P98161).

39-54     First author of 16 Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) proviral partial L1 gene sequences from 1 novel HPV types, 4 novel HPV subtypes and 11 HPV type variants: accession numbers AJ831565-AJ831568, AJ812226, AJ617544-AJ617551, AJ621382-AJ621384.

55-70     First author of 16 Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) major capsid protein sequences from 1 novel HPV types, 4 novel HPV subtypes and 11 HPV type variants: accession numbers CAH41940-CAH41943, CAH23235, CAF18536-CAF18538, CAE84962-CAE84969.

71-78     First author of 8 human loci amplified by HPV MY09/11 primers: accession numbers AJ831669-AJ831576.


B. Abstracts listed in Conference Proceedings

1.                       P. Neophytou et al. EHEQAS: European HPV DNA test External Quality Assurance Scheme. Eurogin 2007 (European Research Organisation on Genital Infection and Neoplasia), Conference Proceedings, Monaco, 4-6 Oct 2007, P-HT-3.

2.                       P. Neophytou, A Albayrak and V. Tanos. HPV DNA testing in Cyprus, (31st FEBS congress, Istanbul, Turkey, 24-29 Jun 2006), the FEBS Journal 273 (Suppl. 1), Jun 2006, p. 250, PP-642.

3.                       P. Neophytou et al. HPV DNA testing in Cyprus. Eurogin 2006 (European Research Organisation on Genital Infection and Neoplasia), Conference Proceedings, Paris, France, 23-26 Apr 2006, FC4-9.

4.                       P. Neophytou et al. HPV DNA testing in Cyprus: epidemiology and identification of novel HPV types, (30th FEBS Congress and 9th IUBMB Conference, Budapest, Hungary, 2-7 Jul 2005), the FEBS Journal 272 (Suppl. 1), Jul 2005, p. 558, V1-065P.

5.                       P. Neophytou. Human Papilloma Virus DNA Testing in Cyprus. 7th Marianna Lordos Anti-Cancer Seminar, Larnaca, Cyprus, 6-8 February 2004

6.                       V. Tanos, K. Tsitsanou, D. Philippidou, A. Chrysanthou, D. Wreschner, M. Inan (1), S. Lerios and P. Neophytou. Type and Frequency of Human papilloma Virus Infection in Cyprus. (13th International Meeting of ESGO: European Society of Cynecological Oncology, Brussels, 6-10 April 2003). Intern. J. of Gynecological Cancer 13 (Suppl.1), Mar-Apr 2003, p. 101-102, PO235

7.                       D. Philippidou, A. Chrysanthou, D. Wreschner, K. Tsitsanou, M. Savabi, S. Lerios, V. Tanos and P. Neophytou. Human Papilloma Virus in Cyprus. HPV DNA Testing for Prevention of Cervical Cancer, (28th FEBS Meeting, Istanbul, 20-25 October 2002), Eur. J. of Biochemistry 269 (Suppl.1), Oct. 2002, p. 85, PS5-025.

8->37     More than 30 other abstracts presented in national and international conferences


C. Chapters in Books

1.           P. Neophytou, A Albayrak and V. Tanos. HPV DNA testing in Cyprus. Chapter 20 (pp. 155-158) in Prevention of Gynecological Cancer, University Studio Press, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2006 (editors: Th. Agorastos, D. Vavilis, I.N. Bontis), ISBN 960-12-1491-7.

2.           Chapter on the molecular genetics of ADPKD (edited by Bartsokas, 1996).


D. Other Publications

1-11              11 peer-reviewed publications listed in Medline with abstracts of which 4 as first author and 7 as co-author (shown on the right part of this page)

12-15          Contributed to 4 entries listed in Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM): entry numbers 601313, 611992, 608058, 174000.

Dr Pavlos Neophytou’s publications listed in Medline with abstracts


(1)         Hansen S, Lo B, Evans K, Neophytou P, Holmskov U, Wright JR (2007) Surfactant protein D augments bacterial association but attenuates major histocompatibility complex class II presentation of bacterial antigens. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 36, 94-102.

(2)         Capelli C, Redhead N, Romano V, Calì F, Lefranc G, Delague V, Megarbane A, Felice AE, Pascali VL, Neophytou PI, Poulli Z, Novelletto A, Malaspina P, Terrenato L, Berebbi A, Fellous M, Thomas MG, Goldstein DB (2006) Population structure in the Mediterranean basin: a Y chromosome perspective. Ann Hum Genet. 70, 207-25.

(3)         Dovrat S, Figer A, Fidder HH, Neophytou P, Fireman Z, Geva R, Zidan J, Flex D, Meir SB, Friedman E (2005) Mutational analysis of hMsh6 in Israeli HNPCC and HNPCC-like families. Fam Cancer. 4, 291-4.

(4)         Wreschner DH, McGuckin MA, Williams SJ, Baruch A, Yoeli M, Ziv R, Okun L, Zaretsky J, Smorodinsky N, Keydar I, Neophytou P, Stacey M, Lin HH, Gordon S (2002) Generation of ligand-receptor alliances by "SEA" module-mediated cleavage of membrane-associated mucin proteins Protein Sci. 11, 698-706.

(5)         Stavrou C, Pierides A, Zouvani I, Kyriacou K, Antignac C, Neophytou P, Christodoulou K, Deltas CC (1998) Medullary cystic kidney disease with hyperuricemia and gout in a large Cypriot family: no allelism with nephronophthisis type 1. Am J Med Genet. 77, 149-54.

(6)         Constantinides R, Xenophontos S, Neophytou P, Nomura S, Pierides A, Deltas CC (1997) New amino acid polymorphism, Ala/Val4058, in exon 45 of the polycystic kidney disease 1 gene: evolution of alleles. Hum Genet. 99, 644-7.

(7)         Neophytou P, Constantinides R, Lazarou A, Pierides A and Constantinou Deltas C (1996) Detection of a novel nonsense mutation and an intragenic polymorphism in the PKD1 gene of a Cypriot family with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease. Hum Genet. 98, 437-42.

(8)         Neophytou PI, Ozegbe P, Healey D, Quartey-Papafio R, Cooke A, Hutton JC (1996) Development of a procedure for the direct cloning of T-cell epitopes using bacterial expression systems. J Immunol Methods. 196, 63-72.

(9)         Neophytou PI, Roep BO, Arden SD, Muir EM, Duinkerken G, Kallan A, de Vries R.R.P. and Hutton J.C. (1996) T-cell epitope analysis using subtracted expression libraries (TEASEL): Application to a 38-kDa autoantigen recognized by T-cells from an insulin-dependent diabetic patient. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 93, 2014-2018.

(10)     Neophytou PI, Muir EM, Hutton JC (1996) A subtractive cloning approach to the identification of mRNAs specifically expressed in pancreatic beta-cells. Diabetes. 45, 127-33.

(11)     Arden SD, Roep BO, Neophytou PI, Usac EF, Duinkerken G, de Vries RR, Hutton JC. (1996) Imogen 38: a novel 38-kD islet mitochondrial autoantigen recognized by T cells from a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic patient. J Clin Invest. 97, 551-61.

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